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Inspiration   in reply to aso
I can help you with a resume.
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aso   in reply to Inspiration
hi, i just arrive to the usa, i am from iraq, i need help, i lost everything in my country, i have no one to help me, i am married, father for two kids, i am living know in sterling heights, i need help to find job, i need money for living, i am in bad situation,
can you do something for me

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Every since i lost my job at Bojangles i have been looking for any kind of work for 2years and still looking . I have tried everything that i could to that i am more than willing to work.I can't have a family with my wife because i don't have a job and if we did have kids, we don't have money to save for them. so if u can help me think u so much for giving me a try. Iam not trying to make u feel bad for me i just want live a good life.
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I have been looking for a job for 7 months now and I cant find a job, I have a lot of experience on Business Management and just went to school to study as Medical office Specialist and I still cant find a job.
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 in response to Inspiration...   Sure, what is your email?
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 in response to pasqualliou812...   I don't live near you but maybe I can still help. I'm not sure if you read my homepage, but I do resumes for free. I've taken several resume writing classes as a result of being laid off multiple times and have always been generous in passing what I've learned to others. If you would like for me to take a look at your resume, I'll be happy to see if I can rework it so that it will stand out above all others. Reply to me in a private message and let me know.

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 in response to Inspiration...   I truly pray some for you especially, that God has met your needs. Please pray that God will meet mine, as I have been desperately applying to jobs for over three months now, the best way I know how but nothing. I have a spotty work history, and I'm trying to account for it the best way I can on a resumes and applications, but I feel like especially in this climate, nobody wants to take a chance on me. But everyone has a right to work. I don't want to be homeless or have my car repoed or my credit to be ruined forever, and I'm really scared. Please, if you live near Madison Wisconsin, can you help get s job quickly, or lead me to an agency or something that you know is hiring right away? Please?
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 in response to SENTIMENTAL...   freshdirect is bullshit they didnt hire me either even with all the qulafacations they asked for i went there three times for a interview for footrunner position and they still turned me down im also homless the best thing to do is to leave this countriy and i mean the us there is no opurtunity here im tired of living on the street and its very cold right now on top of that there only ofering 8.oo a hour coming they put you through all that for low pay take my advise leave this place now its cgetting more worst as we head into 2012 its all about money and greed and downsising as much as possible
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Please help me find a job, i am a single mother of 3 with no education and i don't know what to do.I am very sad and frustuated because i am 31yrs and no job. I cant't go to school because i don't have money.I am tire of working as cleaning lady but that's the only thing i can do. I have a food protection certification but not even fresh direct would hire me, not even as a picker packer:(. My self estem is so low that i don't know what to do.I have been homeless and in welfare and that is one of the worst thing that can happen again.
 in response to Tresh...   

Here’s the contact information for the CEO at Wal-mart.  Try sending your resume to him directly and explain that you can’t get a response by going through the normal channels.

William S. Simon

President and CEO, Walmart US

Wal-Mart Stores, Inc.

702 Southwest 8th Street

Bentonville, AR 72716


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I can't find a job anywhere, walmart won't even hire me. I watching everything I worked go go down the drain. We will be homeless by Christmas.
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bleeding heart
 in response to lilypeaches...   Working at McDonald's is no solution. Minimum wage is a joke. Inflation is so high that minimum wage should be more like $12 - $15/hr. and even at that pay as a single person its almost impossible to support yourself, let alone a kid or a spouse. The government needs to enforce a higher minimum wage, a LIVABLE wage.
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bleeding heart
I wish I could. I feel for you. I am I a similar situation but with no kids, so not as bad. All I can say is to pray to God to have this burden lifted from you. And if you would pray for me too, I would be gracious. God bless you.
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Cpl Ziggy
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Yeah the military is hiring, but who pays the military?  The Government, that's who, and who pays the Government? Hard working Americans.  Now what happens when there are more Government jobs than personal business jobs that pay those government jobs?  If there is no new money being created and businesses are closing, all the money you can print won't save us because there is no REAL backing to it.  By the way, unemployment is at 9.1% and rising. That's about 15 million US citizens out of jobs.  We've recovered from this before.  However it is Capitalism that will save this country.  That is what we are founded upon, it seems most have forgotten that is what so many Americans have lost their lives to defend.  So yeah, go join the military it'll keep you busy for a while until we go to war with North Korea.  Good Luck to everyone and God Bless America.

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 in response to wac1820...   

That's too bad he did not get a good conduct discharge.

What about you?  You could join. 

Don't worry I took my own advice.  I joined the ARMY.  I am now retired.  My husband is a former Marine.  My two sons were Marines. 

It was the best decision I could have made.

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 in response to Anonymous40784...   


     thanks for your advice. My fiance has been to the Army and he got less than honorable discharge. he tried going back to the army, but i don't know what he wants. he doesn't wanna leave. well drop me some lines.




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 in response to wac1820...   

There are few grants out there just to be given to people for NO particular reason.  If any.  They require something else, not just 'needing money.'  There are some grants to attend school, do apprenticeships, etc.  To get one, usually you have to have a good business plan.  Take a course on 'grant writing'.  These can be done online through your local community colleges.

You said you & your fiance can't find a job.  The military is hiring.  There is no job shortage there.  They are offering sign on bonuses up in the thousands of dollars.  You get a paycheck, free healthcare, three square meals, a free place to stay & they will pay for your education.  That will beat a 'grant'.

best wishes

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hey im 18 living with my fiance and his mother we lived in GA and we couldn't find a job. so we moved to IL to find a job and we still can't do it. TRUST ME we have been trying and it's killing us. NOBODY is hiring. this economy sucks!!! i hope Obama can pull us through this. I need a good 3 grand to get on my feet and right now getting 3 grand is as hard as getting a million dollars. you can't get any gvt. help unless you have 20,000 kids(i have no kids) if there is gvt help that anybody knows bout plz send me the link. maybe im just not looking in the right place. my email: thanks for listening



                                                peace and love WAC

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